Preleminary investigations for lake water quality restoration
* essential informations

1/ General caracteristics

Shape (plot plan) *
Area *
Max depth *
Capacity (Min-Max) *
Sediment Thickness (if possible)
Bathymetry (if possible) *
Volume curve

2/ Hydraulic characteritic

Inlet flow
Outlet flow
Level variations (maximum in the year) *
3/ Temperature and oxygen profile
(if possible)

4/ Lake water analysis

pH (surface and bottom) *
t° (Surface and bottom) *
O2 (surface and bottom)
P-P04 (Surface and bottom)
KMn04 (Organic matters)
Transparency (secchi disc) at the surface) *
NH4 (bottom)
H2S (bottom)
Fe (bottom)
Mn (bottom)

5/ Location of plant (near power supply)