MaintainingOxygen Levels

Aqua Technique's LIMNO and DAD systems operate by maintaining the level of dissolved oxygen in the water body. Oxygen concentrations near the sediment are thus maintained, and the release of undesirable substances greatly curtailed. The vicious circle of eutrophication is in this way broken.

Eutrophication SolutionsAeration by mixing of the water body :
DAD is an aeration system of shallow lakes (3-15 m depth)involving destratification of the water body. It allows a substantial increase in the oxygen content of the bottom layers of water by an air lift pumping effect created by long air bubble lines. The production of harmful algae such as cyanophycea - in particular the species Mycrosistis - is in this way restricted.

The LimnoHypolimnetic aeration : The LIMNO is a highly original apparatus used for bottom water aeration of lakes more than 15 m deep, without destratifying the water column.



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