Eutrophication is the cause of numerous problems :
   -  it disrupts the ecosystem;
   -  it limits or prevents use of the water for recreational purposes or
      drinking water production

Aqua Technique : EutrophisationLow oxygen levels at the bottom of the lake result in the elimination of certain fish species.
This disrupts the food chain, which in turn diminish fish diversity. Certain species such as the salmons are particularly affected.

Aqua Technique : EutrophisationRecreational activities are severely disrupted by:
- The accumulation of algae at the water's edge,
- The development of scum-forming plankton which drift towards the lake.

Aqua Technique : Eutrophisation

Eutrophication creates many problems for drinking water production :
- Clogged filters: Algae bloom causes rapid clogging of filters, which then must be washed frequently.
- Taste problems due to the fallout from decaying organic matter or chlorination make difficult to ensure compliante will water quality standards.
- Additional treatments we needed to reduce the high concentrations of dissolved metal (iron and manganese released by the sediments) and ammonia, as well as toxins produced by certain blue-green algae.

Drinking Water... Why restoring the water quality of lakes and reservoirs?