Technical Characteristics

Submersible pipes in high-density-polyethylene. Can be immersed for long-periods without ageing.
Ballast: reinforced concrete.
Polyester strap to attach the ballast.


The Bubble Curtain Technical CharacteristicsThe installation is customised to the client's requirements, the size and shape of the site, prevailing current, wave and wind characteristics and the nature of the pollutant. These parameters will determine the rate at which the compressed air is fed into the tubes, the number of tubes used and their length.

Each installation is designed on the basis of data fed into a computer program for each site treated.

Air Supply
Air is supplied from an electrically- (or diesel-) powered compressor installed in a soundproof hut. Thecompressed air is fed into an air distribution system which controls the supply of air to the various tubesaccording to wind conditions.

Annual maintenance requirements are replacement of the filters and removal of the air in the compressor. Weekly tests should also be carried out to ensure that the installation is functioning correctly.