Aqua Technique Restores the Water Quality of Lakes and Reservoirs

Aqua Technique has extensive experience in engineering aeration systems to combat the effects of eutrophication. Aqua Technique’s LIMNO® and DAD systems operate by maintaining a minimum level of dissolved oxygen in the water body. This breaks the vicious circle of eutrophication, since restoring oxidising conditions in the sediments helps to curb the release of nuisance compounds. Two methods are used:  destratification and aeration of the hypolimnion.

Destratification Destratification is used to increase oxygen levels in lakes or reservoirs 3 to 15 metres deep through top-to-bottom mixing of the water column. This is effected by means of a bubble curtain immersed in the water body, into which compressed air is fed.


The Limno The LIMNO®, our hypolimnetic aeration system, is an original device which works by dissolving compressed air to raise oxygen levels in the bottom layers of water without mixing the water column. This type of device is used in lakes more than 15 metres deep.

These systems are designed following collection of a range of data on the water body concerned.