Aeration by Destratification

Aqua Technique : DestratificationPrinciples of operation : Compressed air is blown through a system of perforated pipes located at the bottom of the lake. This leads to the formation of a rising plume of air bubbles which entrains the water upwards.   Reoxygenation is achieved, first through direct diffusion from the air bubbles, and then through the eddies at the surface.


Aqua Technique's DAD technology is suitable for water bodies of up to 15 metres in depth  or having a low degree of thermal stratification. For greater depths, the LIMNO® technology is recommended.

Aqua Technique : Destratification : Installation characteristics such as air flow and pipe design, depend on the size, depth, shape and water quality parameters of the lake. Aqua Technique designs custom-built pipe systems using its own software to model lake behaviour.


Air supply :Clean air is delivered into the pipes from an electrically-powered compressor in a sound-proof chamber on the bank of the lake. Oil-free air can be supplied, if required, and the air may be oxygen-enriched to improve water quality.

Aqua Technique : DestratificationImplementation : The DAD system is generally implemented in conditions of high thermal stability, usually between April and October when the cold, stagnant, bottom layer of the lake is progressively deprived of its oxygen content. The system may be operated on either a part-time or permanent basis, depending on water quality and lake characteristics.